Unexplainable Jesus Online Bible Study

When’s the last time you were captivated by Jesus?

Crowds clamored, women wept in awe, disciples dared to do the impossible- all because of Jesus. Somewhere in the overly familiar we’ve lost our fascination.

Starting September 2nd, encounter Jesus in a new way as we work through Unexplainable Jesus together online. Over 8 weeks, Erica Wiggenhorn will bring familiar stories to life in vivid detail as we dive deep into the Gospel of Luke.

There will be interactive discussions, video teaching with Erica Wiggenhorn, and more! The study will take place via a private Facebook group. To participate in this FREE online Bible study, all you will need is a copy of the Unexplainable Jesus study by Erica Wiggenhorn (available wherever books are sold).

Whether you’re worn thin, filled with questions, or desperate for more of God, come encounter Unexplainable Jesus.

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