A Great Cloud of Witnesses Online Bible Study

Life is a fight for faith to believe and trust God. Our faith is tested; our faith is stretched. 

Starting May 3rd, join us and best-selling author Trillia Newbell as we learn to run back to our Savior in faith while working through A Great Cloud of Witnesses. For 6 weeks, we will dwell on Hebrews 11 and study the lives of flawed yet faithful servants who endured great suffering, obeyed the Lord, and in some instances, were even killed for their faith.

There will be interactive discussions and livestreams with author Trillia Newbell via a private Facebook group. To participate in this FREE online Bible study, all you will need is a copy of the A Great Cloud of Witnesses study (available at www.moodypublishers.com or wherever books are sold).

Join us as we fix our eyes on the One who sustains us and keeps us.

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